The Growing Importance Of Data Cleaning

The global data cleaning tools market is all set to see a meteoric rise in the coming years following a rise in the digitization of global business in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Data cleansing tools are needed to remove the duplicate, inaccurate data from databases.

| 09 Jun 2021

Are You Making Unstructured Data Work for Your Business?

With more and more emphasis on the use of cognitive computing, it is but natural that its impact will be felt on today’s data analytics landscape. For the longest time, Enterprises chose to mostly ignore unstructured data since the tools and skills required to derive mea

| 13 Nov 2016

Data is Most Important Item on A Restaurant Menu Today

Which is the single most important ingredient in today’s restaurant business? Data is most important item on a restaurant menu today. Know more about how restaurants menu analytics increases revenue of restaurant industry. Surprised? Don’t be. In the face of extreme comp

| 10 Jul 2016