Predictive Analytics

Analyzing Dynamic Consumer Behavior? ML-based Predictive Analytics Gives Retailers An Edge

With copious amounts of data coming in daily in retail, it has become clear that in order to maximize its analytical value and to tackle the complex dynamic consumer behavior, traditional predictive analytical techniques and tools are coming up short. But machine learnin

| 30 Jul 2021

A Comprehensive Guide To Predictive Analytics

A Comprehensive Guide To Predictive Analytics To predict means to forecast. So just imagine if a business, whose eventual aim is to make a profit, could foresee what lies ahead? Predictive analytics offers that scientific crystal ball. This form of analytics involves the

| 10 Mar 2021

Granular Customer Data Represents a Golden Opportunity for Banks

Without a doubt, data analytics is altering the traditional banking system. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say the time has come to re-assess the concept of a bank, as we know it. But that is not the subject of this post. Instead, we are going to look at da

| 22 Nov 2018

Fashion, Weather and Predictive Analytics

Wondering how the words, fashion, weather, and predictive analytics are connected? Here’s a poser – what is one of the biggest challenges before the global fashion industry today? Weather. You wouldn’t have guessed it, right? Pick up any fashion magazine, read any fashion

| 22 Dec 2017

Analytics in Sports – A Growing Business

Super Bowl time in the United States is a good enough reason to take a re-look at the technological improvements in the world of sports, especially at the business end. Like any other discipline, or profession, or business, sports, too, spews out big data, necessitating

| 01 Feb 2017

Will Cognitive Computing Eventually Transform the Way We Do Business?

Cognitive computing today is like the embryonic chick beginning to peck its way out of the egg. – Hadley Reynolds, Principal Analyst, NextEra Research: May 2016. It’s been around for 50 years, going from the drawing board to the lab to field tests, but it’s only no

| 14 Sep 2016

Top-5 uses of Predictive Analytics for Supermarkets and Retail Grocers

Predictive Analytics In Retail, the science of forecasting future trends based on existing data, was once dismissed as simply fancy fortune-telling. Today, it’s making inroads into the retail sector. Grocery retailers and supermarkets, who generally work on razor-thin pr

| 10 Aug 2015