Retail Marketing

Top 5 Predictive Analytics Use Cases in Retail marketing

Recent years have seen a surge in demand for data analytics in the retail industry. What is analytics? It’s a broad term used to describe using data, mostly from different sources or systems, to analyze and interpret performance. In the retail sector, this may inv

| 15 Mar 2020

Chatbots and Customer Analytics

As we did read in the first part of this blog post, the chatbot space is relatively new. Not all bots are equal, and not many are configured around Artificial Intelligence (AI) yet. But that’s gonna change real quick. Remember, bots are built with a purpose. For now, the

| 20 Aug 2017

How Artificial Intelligence has Influenced E-commerce – The Customer’s Story

In the first part of this blog, we looked at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the supplier side of the retail eco-system, especially on two fronts – Price and Product Offering. In this post, we shall analyze how it has affected the buyer’s journey

| 10 Jul 2017

Why You Need to Implement Omnichannel Retailing Straightaway

There was a time when retailers could only fantasize about selling everywhere. It was a retailer’s version of a Utopian dream. Then came technology and big data analytics, and boom, omnichannel retail suddenly was achievable. Omnichannel shopping is really a contin

| 28 Apr 2017