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Point of Sale Analytics: How to Use Data To Boost Foot Traffic and Promotions

Customer Analytics

POS terminals aren't just simple tills. They now have the power of a powerful device

| 06 May 2022

Augmented Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence

Analytics Solutions

In a rapidly changing business environment, accurate and timely data are more important than ever.

| 29 Apr 2022

The Definitive Guide To Data Ingestion in Business


Whenever a business employs data analytics to make decisions, the process of data ingestion is

| 21 Apr 2022

How Stream Analytics Can Benefit Your Business

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A powerful tool that helps businesses make better decisions, stream analytics analyzes data in real

| 12 Apr 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Risk Prediction Models

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Businesses can use risk prediction models to assess the risk of specific events occurring. They

| 01 Apr 2022

Finance Teams Need to Tap Into Real-time Data Analytics

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The concept of real-time data analysis may sound intimidating to teams used to more traditional

| 21 Mar 2022

Why You May Require Customer Data Platform Consulting

Customer Data Platform

More and more businesses are buying a customer data platform but it’s after purchase that

| 14 Mar 2022

The Why, What and How of Composable Data and Analytics

Analytics Solutions

The deployment of composable data and analytics is the new trend today. It is a

| 10 Mar 2022

Sentiment Analysis Tools: How to Select the Right One for Businesses

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It is often helpful to review the sentiments of your consumers when analyzing a business.

| 03 Mar 2022