Big Data analytics

How to Set Up and Find Success in Your Big Data analytics Project – A Primer

We at Express Analytics often get this question – how do we (a business) go about setting up our Big Data analytics project? Typically, we get this question from two types of businesses – those that are modernizing their data architectures, and those that have never had

| 13 Jun 2019

5 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Must Adopt a Culture of Self-Service Analytics

If you want something done right, do it yourself – Anonymous Readers of this blog would have, by now, grasped one fundamental aspect of data analytics – to fully adopt a culture of analytics, an organization needs two elements –  people and data. This is

| 19 Jun 2018

A Simple Guide to Outsourcing Data Analytics in Healthcare

The global healthcare industry, more than any other, suffers from  the “data rich but information poor” syndrome. While it finds itself on the brink of a major makeover with the advent of Big Data and analytics, it lags considerably compared to other industries. Many researchers have raised this red flag.

| 12 Feb 2018

Top 5 Trends in Data Analytics in 2016

Data analytics was on top of the investment list of many global organizations in 2016. Express Analytics analysts took a hard look at the data landscape around them to understand the direction in which big data and analytics had moved this year. Know more about top 5 tr

| 16 Oct 2016