Machine Learning

Machine Learning Solutions For Cold Start Problem In Recommender Systems

Study the past to know the future – Confucius While building product recommenders, the cold start is one of the biggest challenges that developers face, in addition to others such as data scarcity, scalability, and diversity. Synonymous with the failure of a car engine to

| 30 Jul 2021

Using Machine Learning To Grow Customer Lifetime Value (1 of 2)

In today’s customer-centric market, it’s very important to get to know a customer’s lifetime value (CLV). Customer Lifetime Value helps businesses concentrate their activities around their most “profitable” clients. The better a business understands CLV, the bette

| 10 Jun 2021

What Is Machine Learning And Machine Learning Techniques : A Complete Guide

What Is Machine Learning And Machine Learning Techniques : A Complete Guide By: Anubhav Sarkar and Mehar Singh Gambir The process of analyzing data and finding patterns in it to be used for meeting business goals is a generalized way of defining data analytics. But with t

| 09 Jun 2021

The Use Of Machine Learning In Marketing: Saving Cost of Customer Acquisition

Marketers are increasingly finding machine learning (ML) an ally in their work. Although a new entrant here as compared to other fields, the use of commercial machine learning in digital marketing has started to reduce wasteful expenditure and resources considerably. The

| 18 Jan 2021

Using Artificial intelligence to Sense Buyer Intent

Some months ago, joined the ginger group of brands to combine artificial intelligence with mobile to get a heads-up in anticipating a customer’s purchase intent. app users now not only receive instant booking access to a destination with a single

| 28 Dec 2018

How Machines are Learning from Customers and Predicting Human Behavior

Customers leave behind an incomprehensible amount of data while they go about shopping. Making sense of that data and reacting in real-time are the two things that will keep companies one step ahead of their customers (and competition) in the present-day customer-centri

| 13 Dec 2017

Using Chatbots to Really Understand Your Customer

It’s now clear that chatbots are not just passing ship in the night. Over 2.5 billion people worldwide use messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram, all of which are chatbot-centric. Twitter, for example, introduced a bot-like feature within it

| 08 Aug 2017

Using Machine Learning to Enhance Data Quality

Here’s how Machine Learning is being used to preserve data quality – A slideshow 

| 24 Jul 2017