What Is Machine Learning And Machine Learning Techniques : A Complete Guide

Analyzing data in order to find patterns and apply these findings to business goals is the most general definition of data analytics. In the past few years, the flow of data into enterprises has grown exponentially, making it difficult to analyze data using traditional statistical methods. Data analytics can now overcome this hurdle by incorporating machine learning, an aspect of artificial intelligence. By building efficient algorithms, machine learning automates the process of data analysis, revealing hidden patterns and insights.

| 09 Jun 2021

Conducting Social Media Sentiment Analysis: A Working Example

Till a few years ago, it wasn't common practice to analyze customer sentiments. Today, sentiment analysis is a viable tool for businesses thanks to technological advances and also to shifts in business mindsets. The interesting thing about it and what makes it different from the other forms of data analytics is that it deals with emotions, and we all know that emotions are never black or white. An enterprise or brand can find out how the world or the consumer feels by doing sentiment analysis. This could be a positive or a negative reaction. So how does social media sentiment analysis work? Read on.

| 24 May 2021

A Comprehensive Guide To Predictive Analytics

The goal of predictive analytics is to determine the future using several techniques and tools. These days, it uses machine learning techniques as well as data and algorithms to provide the best scientific evaluation of what the future will bring. Even though predictive analytics has been around for years, it's only now that more organizations are turning to it. That's because in order to handle the large amount of data, today we have faster computers, cheaper technology, and easy-to-use software, all of which make predictive analytics deployment easier. Enterprises are slowly turning to predictive analytics to discover new opportunities.

| 10 Mar 2021

How A B2C Customer Data Platform CDP Can Deliver A Customer-centric Experience: A Complete Guide

This guide explains the concepts of a B2C Customer data platform (CDP) and predictive analytics, and how businesses, big and small, can benefit from these technologies. How a B2C CDP Customer Data Platform can deliver a customer-centric experience: read a complete guide.

| 11 Dec 2020

What Is A Recommender System? A Primer

ML algorithms are used to run recommender systems, which filter information based on a customer's ratings or preferences. Recommendation engines are helpful in reducing the challenge of information overload in e-commerce. Amazon and Netflix were first to popularize recommender systems. However, you can now find recommendations in almost every corner of the digital world, from Facebook posts, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, to food delivery services and e-commerce sites. Today, more and more companies are able to develop and deploy recommender systems thanks to cost-effective and easily accessible software.

| 10 Oct 2020

Building A Recommender System – A Primer : Part 2

Building A Recommender System In Machine Learning – A Primer : Part 2 Post Written By: Shubham Patidar, Devendra Lohar, Niraj Harwate, Pankaj Katkar and Vinay Dabhade. In Part One of this post, you read about what is a recommender system in In Machine Learning, the differe

| 09 Oct 2020

Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Big Data Project

Part 1 of this post looked at the definition of Big Data and its importance in data analytics. In this post, we will tell you how to go about implementing your Big Data project, and the pitfalls to avoid while doing so. Be it established or new enterprises, all of them ne

| 14 Jul 2019

How to Set Up and Find Success in Your Big Data analytics Project – A Primer

We at Express Analytics often get this question – how do we (a business) go about setting up our Big Data analytics project? Typically, we get this question from two types of businesses – those that are modernizing their data architectures, and those that have never had

| 13 Jun 2019

What is a Recommendation Engine and How Does it Work?

In today’s digital world, a recommendation engine is one of the most powerful tools for marketing. A recommender system is nothing but an information filtering system composed of machine learning algorithms that predict a given customer’s ratings or preferen

| 24 Apr 2019