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3rd-party Cookie Age is (almost) Over: What Advertisers and Marketers Are Doing

The writing is on the wall. The 3rd-party cookie will be discarded eventually due to the growing pressures to maintain an individual's privacy. You might as well start considering alternatives if your advertising and marketing strategies rely on such cookies. Alternatives are being explored by Google and the industry. In the meantime, the best thing you can do is to monitor the market to see what happens.

| 24 Aug 2021

Here’s How Cohort Analysis Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

A few months ago, we had written about the many ways in which cohort analysis can help businesses retain customers. In fact, as compared to other forms of data analytics, cohort analysis is one of the easy ways for a business to run an experiment or do A/B testing. Here

| 02 Feb 2021

Remarketing: Strategically Targeting Your Customers

What is remarketing? Remarketing is how you connect with people who have earlier interacted with your Site or mobile app. Although the word is used interchangeably with retargeting, both denote different plans of action. Retargeting is a sub-discipline of remarketing th

| 01 Sep 2020

Prediction using Neural Networks

  In the first part of this post, we discussed what neural networks prediction are, what the “artificial” component in them is, and how they are used in data science. Today we look at how they are used in predictive analytics. We will also answer why neural networks s

| 27 Feb 2020

Growing Importance of Behavioral Data in Marketing

Gone are the days when marketers would rely only on declarative data or self-reported data in their campaigns. Declarative is increasingly being replaced by behavioral data. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, data can be labeled by different elements such a

| 02 Jul 2018

How Digital Marketers can Conquer the Mobile Data Analytics Challenge

Last week, Adobe released a report of a survey on data analytics which threw up a surprising nugget of information. It showed that marketers were still lagging IT teams in the use of mobile analytics. While noting that data and analytics were driving changes in many fiel

| 11 Mar 2018

Deploy Marketing Analytics for a Nimble, Fast Acting Organization

Two things are a must for marketing success today – Big Data and Analytics. A slideshow

| 28 Sep 2017

Three Big Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing Analytics

It’s not enough merely to decide to implement data analytics for marketing your business, you need to also ensure its proper implementation to meet your objectives. That’s a job easier said than done.  Once a company has embedded analytics in its marketing process, it&#

| 09 Mar 2017