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Why Brick & Mortar Grocers Should Leverage Their Data

The traditional brick & mortar grocery sector faces two threats: Internet-based shopping & the entry of non-traditional players in the segment. In addition to learning more about their consumers, brick-and-mortar retailers can provide a better shopping experience than online retailers through the use of technology.

| 01 May 2021

Multi-channel Integration Strategy

Marketing that combines indirect and direct channels, such as online and retail store channels, direct mail, and email, is called multichannel marketing. Businesses need to be where their customers are. Using this marketing strategy you must encourage your customers to buy your service or product via their preferred channel of choice. It’s all about the customer's choice.

| 01 May 2021

Here’s how we helped a retailer win the Buy Box on Amazon

We were approached by an online retailer who wanted to: 1) Assistance in “winning” the crucial Buy Box on Amazon 2) To figure out whether the company would find it difficult to place an order from a potential buyer once it (the client) lost the Buy Box Here's how we helped the retailer.

| 01 May 2021

Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing offers many benefits. Marketing by email is a great way to customize your campaigns and produce targeted content. One way to do this is to engage an already engaged audience. In addition, it is extremely cost-effective in comparison with other marketing channels.

| 01 May 2021

What Is A Customer Data Platform & How Do You Select The Right One?

A customer data platform (CDP) is software that unifies data. With it on top of your MarTech stack, A CDP enables you to manage your customer experience at all point of contact - marketing, customer service, and product. Marketers can build 360-degree customer profiles, analyze data and get "real" results using this platform.

| 16 Apr 2021

Tackling The Challenges Of Dirty Data

The word dirty data refers to information that is inaccurate. Completely removing dirty data from a source is not practical or possible but there are ways around it. Millions of dollars are lost each year due to dirty data. A master data error can have a wide negative impact on business. To improve your data quality, it's useful to know what types of dirty data commonly make their way into enterprise systems.

| 16 Apr 2021